Police Constable Arrested for Stealing Recovered Hijacked Ford Ranger


Eden Park, May 19, 2024 – A shocking incident involving a police constable from Eden Park SAPS has come to light, following the arrest of Bhekifa Luckyboy Zabane for stealing a recovered hijacked Ford Ranger.

The vehicle, initially hijacked in Douglasdale, was recovered by a tracking company in Eden Park. However, police officers on duty alleged that they saw the Ford Ranger speeding out of the police station. Despite their attempts to locate the vehicle, it was not found.

The tracking company was immediately notified and managed to trace the vehicle to Leopard Rest, a nearby residential area. Security personnel at the gate informed the tracking team that the vehicle entered the residential area escorted by a police officer stationed at Eden Park. They further alleged that the driver of the hijacked Ford Ranger left the premises driving a Fiat Uno, which belonged to the officer.

Video footage reviewed by the police confirmed the involvement of Constable Zabane. Recognized on the footage, the constable was implicated in the theft. The case was referred to the organized crime unit, which led to the issuance of a warrant of arrest for Constable Zabane.

The officer now faces charges of possession of stolen property, corruption, and defeating the ends of justice. This incident raises serious concerns about corruption within the police force and the need for stringent measures to uphold the integrity of law enforcement agencies.

The police department assures the public that they are taking this matter seriously and are committed to ensuring that justice is served. The incident underscores the importance of accountability and transparency in law enforcement.

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