Breaking News | Two men burnt to death for stealing cellphones at Freedom Park, Soweto.

Two lifeless body on fire

In a chilling incident that took place in Devland Freedom Park around 6:30 PM, two individuals met a horrifying fate after being caught in the act of mugging people's cellphones. Swiftly pursued by an enraged mob, the suspects faced a relentless onslaught – chased, beaten, stoned, and ultimately burned to death.

Eyewitnesses recounted the unfolding chaos as the community, pushed to its limits by the incessant criminal activities, took matters into their own hands. The suspects, caught red-handed in their latest theft, became the target of a brutal pursuit that left them with no chance of escape.

This grim episode raises concerns about the extent to which communities may resort to extreme measures in response to ongoing criminal threats. The tragic events in Devland Freedom Park serve as a stark reminder of the complexities surrounding issues of justice and public safety.


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